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Self Service Car Wash- The Top Benefits You Must Know

Just like humans, it is very essential that you give your car proper care. There are so many things you can do to ensure that your car is in good shape, and one is to regularly wash it. When it comes to bathing the car, people usually have two basic choices. One is to bring it to a car wash service provider and another is to do all the cleaning work by himself. However, the modern world has given another good option for car owners. With the advancement of technology, another car wash option is introduced- the self service car wash. This is an automated car wash system that everyone can afford.

Sounds great! But how does this kind of car wash work?

Similar to a typical car wash service, you need to park your vehicle to a covered bay in the self serve the station. Once you enter the bay, you will notice a coin-operated machine attached to sprayers. What you need to do is to insert tokens or coins in the controller and start to choose the desired procedure. You can pre-soak it, soap it, foam it, rinse it, wax it, and clean the tire. The water, suds, and foam will come out of the sprayer automatically. When you are done choosing the procedure, then you should get the spray wand in order to maximize your time and begin cleaning like an expert.

With less effort and cost, self-serve car washes guarantee great quality service. Below are other benefits that you sure love with it.

1. It is convenient- One of the most obvious benefits with self-serve car wash is its convenience. Gone are the days when you have to spend ample time and effort just to clean your car. No need to fetch several buckets of water, prepare the necessary tools, and spend almost half a day just to wash your car. With this new technology, all you need to do is to choose and click. Then, the sprayer will automatically give what your car needs.

2. It is cost-efficient- There are touch-less or automatic car wash systems, but self-serve car washes tend to be much cheaper. There are car owners who spend $15 in a car wash. With the self serve, you have the full control of time and products to be used and you can basically spend just $5 for your visit. Since the price is not fixed, you can limit the time and products to use if you want.

3. It is effective- The problem with washing your car at home is that there might be soap residues after. This can leave you unsatisfied with your great work. Well, this is what happens when you use the wrong soap or your house has no sufficient water pressure. However, these are things you need not worry about when you go to a self-serve car wash. The car wash is equipped with the right tools and well formulated products that are effective to clean your car. From the basic procedures to the advanced options, a self-serve car wash can give them all at a lesser cost.

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